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Did you know Neurologists report mental exercise can reduce your chances of developing Dementia by up to 68%? We now know that age is not the only predictor of declining mental capacity but in fact, there are many other risk factors such as social isolation, dietary choices, and physical activity levels that all play a significant role in our brain function. Almost 50% of dementia cases are influenced by lifestyle factors and are preventable!

SouthBrook’s Mind Hope Ministry is dedicated to raising awareness for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Mind Hope also offers support for those affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia – whether you are living with Dementia or caring for someone with the disease.

The Mind Hope Podcast

With Charlie McMahan & Lori Horstmon
The Mind Hope podcast is an educational podcast dedicated to cognitive care. Our hope is this podcast helps to shine a light on Alzheimer’s and Dementia awareness while at the same time delivering helpful insights, tools, and exercises to help build our brains stronger for longer

Listen Now:

Mind Hope Brain Bootcamp – Fall 2023

Join Lori Horstman and other SouthBrook teachers for a 6-week session dedicated to cognitive care. Brain Bootcamp is a unique program to actively promote dementia awareness and equip adults with the knowledge, skills, and empowerment to make changes in their own lives and adopt a comprehensive approach to reducing their risk of dementia. This program focuses on implementing small and realistic changes to your daily routine that will improve their overall brain health and reduce their risk of Dementia.

When: Mondays, October 2nd – November 6th, 7pm
Where: SouthBrook
Cost: $25 per person/ $40 per couple