Title: That's So Last You
Speaker: Charlie McMahan

Our struggles with resentment and anger and greed and selfishness and insecurity and shame are what keep us from living new lives in the power of God.

Liberating change happens when we can’t stand the old clothes of our former life any more. Liberating change happens when we must put on something different.

What you believe about yourself determines how you behave. How you look at yourself determines how you live.

People either take on the clothes of shame or Christ. Shame is a loss of true identity. Shame can be lethal. It strikes at the core of who we are. It can destroy confidence. It can wither your spirit. It can paralyze relationships.

There are two kinds of shame: One is legitimate. It reveals your depravity. The other is illegitimate. It destroys your identity.

But there’s another way. You can clothe yourself in Christ. His clothes Protect: The Scriptures describe them as Armor. And His clothes Project: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Christ’s clothes are personal. Christ’s clothes are permanent. Christ’s clothes are pervasive.
You can overhaul your wardrobe. In Christ you can utterly remake your identity in Him.
Date: 02.13.2016
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