Title: Swim Suit
Speaker: Charlie McMahan

Liberating change happens when we can’t stand the old clothes of our former life any more. When we must put on something different and we come to the place in the Christian practice of baptism in this new wardrobe.

In our lives, there are four stages.

We begin our lives in a state of insecurity. It’s a big, dangerous world filled with new things we discover and try to understand. We ask questions, especially about ourselves and identity. We begin to use achievement and ambition to keep our distance from God and people. The core question in this era: Am I worthy of being loved?

We feel we do not measure up in some key areas. In this stage there is a great vulnerability to find worth and value in others’ opinion of ourselves. The core question in this era: Am I ever going to find transformational love?

We use acquired skills to cover our sense of inferiority. But we fail. Relationally. Academically. Professionally. And any amount of success can’t seem to make up for the vulnerability of obvious failures and the sense of inadequacy that accompanies it. The core question in this era: Can I do enough to replace love?

We hear about a new love, a transcendent love, a sacrificial love, an eternal love. And one day we surrender to God’s love. We take on an identity as a beloved child of the Most High God with supreme value and worth. The core question in this era: Will I keep trusting in God’s love?

Date: 02.27.2016
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