Rocked - Part 2

Title: The Word
Speaker: Pete Creamer

This series reminds us to be alert – even prayerful to the probability that God will rock our world a number of times in our lifetime. It’s in these moments when God orchestrates people or events or experiences in a way that teaches us a new truth or expands our vision or softens our heart to some great need in the world.

Maybe our pride gets ditched and we are humbled in a profound way. Or, we see God in a completely new light and He touches our life in such a way that we grow by a quantum amount. Maybe God gets our attention and we begin serving Him with exponentially greater joy and generosity. Or in some cases, there’s a crash and something inside us gets wrecked and taken to the dumpster or junk yard, or an attitude gets straightened out.

That’s the power of the Word and one of the works of the Holy Spirit.

Date: 04.09.2016
Sermon Audio: