Rocked - Part 1

Title: The Wake
Speaker: Charlie McMahan

At Jesus' resurrection, the disciples, the Twelve, had packed and run. But the women stayed. They were there because they loved Jesus.

Love does crazy things. Love drives out fear. These women had been rocked by Jesus’ love. That’s what Jesus did to these women.

Culture considered them useless. But Christ made them see they were priceless treasures, children of God with supreme value and worth. So, they stayed by the cross. The sky is darkening. The earth is shaking. The Romans are threatening. Their Teacher is suffering. Yet they stayed there. That’s what love does.

When you’re rocked, no matter what, let love win. When the world is darkening and the earth is shaking, and you are suffering, love wins, if you let it.

Love is what kept Him on the cross. Love is what kept them at the cross. Love is what conquered death and sin.

And our world needs this love now more than ever. Hate seems to be spreading. Hate feeds on fear. Fear is the opposite of love. Love wins, if we let it. When we live in His amazing love, we are the most powerful people on the planet, because perfect love drives out fear.

In the end, love wins.

Date: 03.26.2016
Topic: Easter
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