Rocked - Part 1

Title: The Ache
Speaker: Charlie McMahan

We’re looking at how Jesus rocked the world and how when the world rocks you, he can be your Rock. We’ll center around this mysterious earthquake that happened at his death.

Quite often, as in Jesus' death, God often answers such cries of lament with silence. Why doesn't God speak up in the face of suffering? Why is He often silent even while our souls ache? Maybe God wants more for us than to just believe he exists. Maybe God knows that people being forced into believing that He is here and He is real, does not really do a lot to solve the deep problems of the human heart.

Just believing God exists does no good. There are many people who believe in the existence of God or the supernatural and you could never tell. They still live immorally; they are walking spiritual disasters. Why?

God wants more than for us to believe He exists; He wants us to love Him. God presents himself to us so that if we want to dismiss him we can. If you don’t want there to be a God, you will find a way to believe that there is no God.

Because of Christ we have the assurance that whatever disturbs us, disturbs God- and more.
Whatever grief we feel, God feels- and more.
Whatever we long for, God longs for- and more.

When we cry out, Where are you God? Tell me why. God doesn’t explain himself, God reveals himself. The name of his revealing is Jesus.

Date: 03.12.2016
Topic: Easter
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