Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common questions about our religious denomination, church membership, children/student ministries, communion, baptism, and financials.

Is SouthBrook affiliated with a particular religious denomination?

SouthBrook is a non–denominational Christian church. We are loosely connected with other free churches, but we operate independently and are supported by the gifts and resources of the people who attend SouthBrook.

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Is there a membership at SouthBrook?

While we do not have a membership at SouthBrook, we do ask people who attend to commit to practicing spiritual disciplines, to commit to serving the church and the world, and to give generously towards the causes of the kingdom of heaven. If you attend regularly and consider this your church home; if you are connected via a group or other growing relationship; and, if you support the church with your time, talent, and treasures—we consider you to be a part of the SouthBrook community.

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What is available at SouthBrook for my children?

Infants through 5th Grade enjoy a fun, high energy program with age appropriate messages and activities at all services.

Middle School (6th-8th Grade)
Saturday | 5:30-6:30 p.m.

High School (9th-12th Grade)
Sunday | 5:30-6:30 p.m.

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How does SouthBrook handle communion?

While some churches limit communion to those who have been baptized or confirmed, we believe communion should be for those who truly trust Christ as Lord and Savior.

On most weekends, we celebrate communion at the end of services to allow believers in Christ to come forward and share it together. This timing also allows those who have not yet accepted Christ as their Savior to leave without feeling uncomfortable about not participating in something they do not understand or necessarily embrace. Occasionally, we pass communion during the service but for the most part, we want you to be free to make time for it at the end of the service.

There is little instruction in Scripture about the specifics of how communion should be done but we believe it is an important symbol for us to embrace and remember the core story of our faith, that Jesus gave his life for us and was ultimately victorious over death.

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What is SouthBrook's position on baptism?

We believe baptism is an important outward sign of belief in Christ and shows a willingness to surrender to God’s power in our lives. It is a way of marking your life as God’s and not your own. Jesus was baptized and called His disciples to believe in Him and be baptized as a demonstration of their belief.


You will see baptisms during weekend services and occasionally, we put an emphasis on and design the services around baptism for Big Splash Weekend. During Big Splash, people ready to publicly state their belief in God’s grace come forward to be baptized by immersion. We celebrate Big Splash twice a year, although you may schedule baptisms at any time by contacting Lu Musselman. Although not required, our Baptism Orientation is an excellent resource as to why we celebrate baptism the way we do.


If your child is ready for baptism, consider KidSplash as a next step. It's an optional baptism class for parents and kids (through 5th grade) to attend together and find out what it means to follow Jesus. Contact Erik Fleming for information.

While we believe baptism is a decision one should make personally, on their own time, we offer a Baby Dedication for parents who wish to make a commitment to raising their child in a faith-filled home. Prior to the Ceremony, a Baby Dedication Orientation is required to help parents understand what it means to dedicate a child, the biblical basis for dedication, and how SouthBrook can help you as a parent. 

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How is SouthBrook financially supported?

Since not a part of a denomination, we are financially supported through the gifts and offerings of those who attend this church. We take up a regular offering during services and believe giving is an important step for people in their struggle with faith. Giving is a way of showing that God is ultimately the owner and ruler of this world and our lives. We do our best to allow that to happen when people are ready. We encourage responsible financial stewardship and regularly offer biblical money management classes.

We also do our diligence in managing the gifts of the church and spending them responsibly. We believe in accountability with regards to finance and invite you to view our budget and financial statements. Check out Financials | Giving for information.

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