Five S Journey

One of our great hopes for this church is that our community of people will experience the presence of God in their daily lives. We believe there are several practices, what we call the Five S's, that lead us in knowledge and intimacy with the God who desperately wants to know us. Commit to the Five S Journey and put these five habits into practice on a regular basis to grow closer to God.

To get started, take the fiveonfive challenge—an interactive follow up through the Five S’s of: Solitude, Scripture, Service, Support, and Significant Events. For 5 days a week over 5 weeks, the challenge will take you through the Five S Journey, whether individually, in a small group, with friends or family.


Find a time and place to practice solitude. Remember, you were created by God primarily to be in community with Him. If you can't find the words, just P-R-A-Y:

P–Praise: Thank God for who He is. Call out His goodness and good works.
R–Repent: Be honest about your sin and the ways you’ve fallen short.
A–Ask: Tell God about what is missing in your life or about friends who are hurting.
Y–Yield: Surrender yourself. Talk to God about the direction your life is going.

  Ecclesiastes 3:7


Read Scripture daily and apply its truths to your life. Download the Bible or get it on CD. Web sites like YouVersion also help to understand what you're reading.

  2 Timothy 3:16-17


Practice humbly serving others. Volunteer at SouthBrook or find a way to serve people in the community or beyond.

  John 3:30


Find “your people.” That is, find people with whom you can build supportive relationships over time.

  Mark 8:35


God will use Solitude, Scripture, Service, and Support to help you interpret the Significant Events of your life and grow to live more like Jesus Christ.

  Romans 8:28