Healthy, vibrant relationships require open communication, and prayer is the language of communicating with God. He invites us to speak to Him, bringing forth our joys and needs. As a church, we are encouraged to be able to pray for you. By sending an email to, our Prayer Team will join in your prayer efforts. To join our Prayer Team, contact Dana Barnett.


We get to pray anywhere, anytime, all over the world, all through our lives. God hears and meets us all over. But sometimes we need to carve out sacred space. Sometimes we need quiet places in the midst of the noise. Our Prayer Room can be one of those places. Come during church hours or weekend services, individually or invite others along. Engage in the prayer stations to leave concerns behind or to carry on your way.

If you can't find the words, just P-R-A-Y:
P–Praise: Thank God for who He is. Call out His goodness and good works.
R–Repent: Be honest about your sin and the ways you’ve fallen short.
A–Ask: Tell God about what is missing in your life or about friends who are hurting.
Y–Yield: Surrender yourself. Talk to God about the direction your life is going.

Prayer is a great way to know the heart of God. We learn things that we didn’t know going in. We see things in a fresh way because we’ve talked about them in the presence of God. We hope that happens for you.


The prayer pager is a way of using technology to show love and concern for those in crisis, whatever the need. If you know someone within SouthBrook who would benefit, contact Dana Barnett. How it works:

  • SouthBrook provides a pager to the person in need.
  • The person gives the pager number to family and friends.
  • SouthBrook provides pager number to Prayer Team and Staff.
  • God's people respond with prayer.
  • After praying, he or she calls the pager, listens to message, and enters code.
  • Pager vibrates to notify recipient of a prayer being lifted on their behalf.


Send an email to and include your name, the name of the person you would like prayer for, and any details you would like to include.  When you submit a prayer request for yourself or someone in need, be assured that our Prayer Team will join in your effort to bring your request before God.

You are also welcome to join our Healing Prayer on the Last Wednesday of each month anytime between 7:30-8:30 p.m.