Marriage is a way to discover and live out a love story that mirrors God's great love for humanity. Because marriage contains all the grace, commitment, forgiveness, and romance that are also a part of the story of Jesus and the bride of Christ, the church, it is important to us as a church to support and build strong marriages that reflect God's love.

We are committed to serving couples in all stages of relational development whether Dating or Engaged, Married or Divorced. While there is value in following God's Direction and building a Christ-centered relationship in order to live out the word of God as a married couple, we recognize that life happens and relationships often encounter difficult times. We hope to surround those who have been hurt by brokenness with God's grace and truth. In whatever stage you're in, we're here to provide guidance along the way.

Since research shows that dating significantly improves relationships, we issue Dating Challenges for couples of all ages and stages in life. Whether engaged or married, relationships go through all different seasons. Some days are fueled by love, romance, and joy. Other days, are just about getting through. No matter if just starting your lives together or if you're already at the stage of looking alike, the challenge is to keep on dating. Enjoy each other's company. Take time and space to listen to each other and explore the world together. If you're up for the challenge, we encourage you to date once a month...or more!


Spiritual Compatibility
God's Word is clear about spiritual compatibility between marriage partners. SouthBrook holds to the value of being "equally yoked" before marriage. A couple sharing the same spiritual beliefs, values and commitment to spiritual formation is vital to building a strong marriage foundation. With differing or opposing spiritual beliefs, their individual values begin to compete, causing stress and tension within the relationship. We believe strongly in the institution of marriage by God's design. We want your vows to last a lifetime.

  Mark 10:7-9; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18

Sexual Purity
The future bride and groom are encouraged to abstain from physical intimacy. Sex is a gift from God. He created it. Therefore, we follow God's direction regarding our sexuality. The Bible gives instruction for sex within the parameters of the marriage relationship, and provides warnings and consequences when used outside the marriage covenant.

  1 Thessalonians 4:3-5; 1 Corinthians 6:17-20



Couples considering marriage are encouraged to seek help in sorting out potential hazards. SouthBrook offers coaching designed to give you advanced assistance in your search of a life-long marriage. For wedding questions or information please contact The Reverie.



To care and nurture the marital relationship by providing information and new skills needed for change to occur.

To help individuals deal with a wounded past and present feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that may affect your relationship.

InSync Marriage Sessions
InSync is a story of when you first get married. Your steps are often out of sync. One of you may be independent; while the other is desiring more out of you as a spouse. You have your own ideas of parenting, but your spouse sees it differently. Finances also become an issue because you don't seem to manage money in the same way. And when such differences arise, a marriage gets out of sync.

Marriage is a journey of figuring out a pace that works well for both husband and wife. One of you may need to slow down, while the other quickens the pace so that you can walk in sync with each other. Randy and Sue Ann Creamer share their journey as a couple using humor, stories, and real-life examples by leading discussions about intimacy, parenting, finances, conflict and more. Check out Events for upcoming classes.

For in-depth teaching, consider the messages below. Marriage is understanding how romance, recommitment and respect function together to create a partnership that grows and honors God. Romance affects recommitment. Recommitment affects respect. Respect affects romance. Each interplay uniquely together to create a growing marriage.

Rock Paper Scissors | Jan. 9, 2010
Rock Paper Scissors | Jan. 16, 2010

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Rock Paper Scissors | Jan. 30, 2010



If going through a separation or divorce, or are already divorced, this class helps deal with the hurt, discover hope for the future and experience God’s healing. Get a biblical look at reconciliation, remarriage, forgiveness and how divorce effects kids and family.

DivorceCare for the Holidays
If facing the holidays without a partner is causing fear or anxiety, you're not alone. This class helps people connect with others for support, advice and encouragement. Find strength in community and hopefully, a sense of peace to enjoy this special time of year.

Check out Events for upcoming classes.


Contact the Counseling Office to schedule a marriage counseling appointment.
Contact SouthBrook to schedule pre-marital mentoring or make wedding arrangements.