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We know the sign out front says “church” but that sign just helps people find the building. The real church is the people. We are what the church should be when we talk to our friends about what matters in our lives. We may only have one sign out front, but we have lots of ways for you to be “the church.” We believe you will grow in your faith and in your relationships when you get involved with a community of people.

God knows we need each other. Throughout Scripture and history, God has brought people together to show the world what love and redemption looks like. Whether it’s the story of Israel, the church, or your life, relationships matter. We believe our best shot at spiritual growth happens in the context of sharing our lives—when we study together in living rooms, have conversations over coffee, gather to enjoy common interests, or go out into the world to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

On this page, you will find a way for you and your family to get connected with others beyond the weekend, in what we call PLAY Groups. You'll also find resources for leading and participating in PLAY Groups, Huddles and other groups that meet outside of our church walls. Training videos and links for Huddle coaches and PLAY Group leaders will also be available at a later date. 


As the church, we are designed to grow in three relationships: with God, with other Christ-followers, and with the world that does not yet know Him. We are one big “good news” family on mission with God in the world. And, PLAY Groups are how we live out these three relationships in everyday life together—beyond the building.

A PLAY Group is a Christ-centered community of 15-50 people, putting their lives into PLAY around a common kingdom mission. PLAY Groups are communities to connect, belong, and join God in His work in the world as we practice the Five S’s together.

Click below to find a group. Feel free reach out to the contact provided for information on how to get involved.
If interested in leading a PLAY Group, contact Ryan Massey


Here, you’ll find resources to help in leading and participating in Huddles, PLAY Groups, and other groups in which you may be engaging beyond the walls of SouthBrook. Or, you can review our Group Life Resources that are available for check out.


Jesus modeled how to "make disciples." He took on the role of a coach. He invited twelve friends to follow Him on a journey of learning to be and do like Him. Those friends then passed on what they learned so others could do the same. This is discipleship, what we call the Five S Journey. By practicing the Five S’s, we learn to "live like Jesus forever."

Jesus trained His "players" to become coaches who then trained new coaches. A Huddle is a training vehicle for coaches
—a coach-led group devoted to learning to live like Jesus and then becoming a coach themselves. Our coaching resources are provided below.

Coach's Playbook is a resource for leaders, complete with insights about leading a huddle, teaching notes for 5S tools, and 52 weeks of ideas for weekly huddle meetings. 

Participant Pages are readings to help learn our coaching tools. If a coach is following the 52 week huddle guide, participants will be assigned one reading per month.         





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