WEEK TWO: Bright Lights in Dark Nights

Week Two: Bright Lights in Dark Nights

Here are five questions to dig, discover, discuss, and do:


1.   What is your favorite kind of light?


2.    If you were a light, what kind of light would you be? 


3.    Are you okay with the light God made you to be?


4.    What has kept you from rising above merely surviving and living to shine your light in dark places?


5.  Here are the SouthBrook Five S’s through the lens of light:

Through Solitude we EXPERIENCE the Kingdom Light.

Through Scripture we EXAMINE the Kingdom Light.

Through Service we EXPRESS the Kingdom Light.

Through Support we EXCHANGE the Kingdom Light.

Through Significant Events we EXERCISE the Kingdom Light. 


What is one for you to focus upon this week so that you plug into Christ’s power?  

Watch and Listen to the Weekend


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