WEEK SEVEN: No Need For Greed

Week Seven: No Need For Greed

Here are five questions to dig, discover, discuss, and do:


1.   If it started hailing, what is the one possession that you would run to cover if it were outside?

2.  Where and from whom did you learn financial managing and investment?

3.   Significant Events are moments when we shift our thinking, our trajectory in life and our future. What is the most “storing up treasures in heaven” Significant Event in your history? 

4.    What insecurity from your past is keeping you holding on to temporary treasures as your hope for security? 

5.  How is your heavenly bank account?

  • Bankrupt
  • Just getting started
  • Gaining steadily
  • Growing with interest
  • It looks like Harry Potter’s Gringotts account!



Watch and Listen to the Weekend


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