WEEK ONE: Yes, This Is For You

Week One: Yes, This Is For You

Here are five questions to dig, discover, discuss, and do:


1.    Are you a person who wants summer to go on or are you a person who wants fall to start?


 Our Five S’s are the means to experiencing Kingdom Come.


Through Solitude we EXPERIENCE the Kingdom present.

Through Scripture we EXAMINE the Kingdom present.

Through Service we EXPRESS the Kingdom present.

Through Support we EXCHANGE the Kingdom present.

Through Significant Events we EXERCISE the Kingdom Present.


2.    Which one of these five are you living out really well right now?


3.    Which one of these five is most lacking as you live out the Rise Above Life? 


4.    Your faith shapes your body. Your body shapes your mind. Your mind shapes your life. Which one of these axioms is grabbing your attention today and why?


5.    After hearing this message and discussing these questions, what do you need to pray for and be prayed for?


Watch and Listen to the Weekend



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