WEEK NINE: Rise Above Control

Week Nine: Rise Above Control

Here are five questions to dig, discover, discuss, and do:


1.   Who have been judges in your life? Did you like that sense of judgment you received from that person(s)? 

2.  What is your plank? How has Christ dealt with your plank(s)?


3.   What pearls do you tend to want to push on others? How can just loving them in the dikaiosune (inner righteousness) of Christ be more effective in relationship?

4.    The Law of Reciprocity. The Law of Responsibility. The Law of Receptivity. Which one of these zinged you (in a good way!)?


5.  Will you commit to praying this prayer every day this week: "Lord, change me. God, show me my plank. Don’t let me be a pearl pusher. Your will be done in me, as it is in heaven." 


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