WEEK EIGHT: No Worries

Week Eight: No Worries

Here are five questions to dig, discover, discuss, and do:


1.   Heightened Vulnerability + Diminished Strength = Worry

Which of the two most defines you right now? If neither, (that’s good!) why?


2.  What stuff are you worried about? List it. Speak it or put it down on paper so you can see how stuff is heightening your sense of vulnerability. Can you let go of the shiny, colorful balls in the playpit and grab your Father’s hand?


3.   Who is your Howard Rutledge? Whose life is a vivid reminder of the high cost of gaining the whole world but losing your soul?

4.    What actions of decreased vulnerability can you take this week? In other words, are there unnecessary intrusions in your life in the form of stuff that are overwhelming the present strength of your soul?


5.  What actions of increased strength can you take this week that will grow your soul power?






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Watch and Listen to the Weekend


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