WEEK TEN: Rise Above Religion Again

Week Nine: Rise Above Control

Here are five questions to dig, discover, discuss, and do:


1.  Every healthy relationship participates in asking and receiving. How would you rate the health of your relationship with Christ on that basis? Do you accept his “No” as much as you receive his “Go”?

2. John Ortberg said that Jesus was very narrow in his relationship with his heavenly Father and very broad in his relationship with people. We tend to get lax in our devotion to God and narrow in our acceptance of people. How are you doing with that?


3.  We are not called to be tolerant. We are called to love. We are made for love. Are you trying to be tolerant or are you increasing in the love of Christ?

4.    Everybody is a disciple (apprentice) of somebody. Whose disciple are you going to be? Are you a disciple of Money? Security? Addiction? Image? Success? 

5.  Baptism is a significant faith statement. If you have not been baptized by your own choice as a response to Christ, what is holding you back from saying, “I want to be a life apprentice of Jesus Christ?”


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