WEEK ELEVEN: The Foundation to Rise

Week Nine: Rise Above Control

Here are five questions to dig, discover, discuss, and do:


1.   How would you describe your life foundation: Shaky? Solid? Brand new? Slowly wearing away? Rebuilding?

2.  What would you have to tear down in order to solidify your foundation as the teachings and life of Christ?

3.   How does the condition of your life foundation compare to what it was like one year ago?

4.   What “building materials” will you use (readings, prayers, conversations, Significant Events, podcasts, group meetings, etc.) will you use in the coming weeks to build a firm foundation on the Rock?

5.  To be a wise builder at this point in your life what would happen if you fully committed yourself to Rise Above by living out Jesus’ messages from the Sermon on the Mount?


Watch and Listen to the Weekend


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