Events & Classes

Title: BOGG Gift Card Challenge
Category: General

We want your help in showing appreciation for BOGG's volunteers. BOGG would love nothing more than to show their volunteers just how much they appreciate them, but finances can make that hard. 

SouthBrook Epic wants to support BOGG and all their volunteers by donating gift cards to give to their volunteers as a way of saying thank you for all they do for our community! 

BOGG is asking for $10 gift cards from Target, Walmart, Kroger, or any Gas Station.

You can bring the gift cards to the Info Center at SouthBrook at any time from now through December 9. 

Date: Monday, November 12 - Sunday, December 9

Title: Christ-Centered Yoga
Category: General
Taught By: Kathy Wright

Kathy Wright is a Registered Yoga Alliance Instructor, has a degree in Biblical Counseling and Pastoral Ministries, has been a wellness and health coach for over 35 years. Kat has attended SouthBrook along with her husband for over 10 years. 


Prayer, meditation, breath and movement are directed towards Jesus Christ in this Yoga (You on Gods Agenda) group. By walking in His light, you'll learn to be still and know that He is God as you grow closer to Jesus and walk strongly in His love, so it can be shared. Contact: Kathy Wright.

Open to men and women at no cost on Mondays, Jan. 1–Dec. 17, 2018 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Don't forget your yoga mat!

Register here



Date: Monday, January 1 at 05:30 PM until Monday, December 17 at 06:30 PM

Title: Healing Prayer
Category: General

All are welcome at our Healing Prayer on the Last Wednesday of each month anytime between 7:30-8:30 p.m. To respect privacy, our team will greet you in the Atrium and move into the Prayer Room. Made up of devoted Christ-followers, our team has a strong faith that the Father wants to heal and bless His children, and draw all closer to Him. We'll lead to the Father’s heart and pray His blessing and healing over all who come as we lift prayer to the Father through Jesus Christ. Contact: Healing Prayer Team.


Date: Wednesday, January 25 at 07:30 PM until Wednesday, November 28 at 08:30 PM

Title: Provoke
Category: General

Provoke's mission is to create Dayton by creating a community of faith-based leaders who grow together, connect with others and mentor those around them. We create environments that encourage and equip leaders to grow a better community with integrity, character, and vision.


Inspiration...We believe leaders are inspired by being provoked to think differently, stretched and challenged to grow. A leader has a strong encouraging vision for the future and inspires others to follow.

Comforting...We believe vulnerability is key to awaken the mind and the heart. We desire to create a place where leaders can honestly share their life experience and how it impacted their world and the life of those they lead.

Resourcing...We believe in resourcing, coaching, teaching and mentoring leaders to strongly impact those they lead, follow and grow. Leaders are not just born they are forged. Great leaders can be cultivated to meet and exceed the expectations of the community, its people and each other.

Provoke meets monthly on the first Tuesday from 7-8 a.m. in the Small Theater. No cost or registration required.

Go to for more information

Date: Tuesday, September 4 at 07:00 AM until Tuesday, June 4 at 08:00 AM

Title: The Global Leadership Summit
Category: General

You have influence and the ability to positively impact your community and world. No matter where your influence is—in your family, school, work or church—when you commit to grow your leadership, everyone around you wins! That’s why you are invited to The Global Leadership Summit 2018, August 9-10, for two days of world-class leadership training including:

• Exclusive access to the LIVE HD broadcast streamed live at SouthBrook Christian Church

• A unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills you can immediately apply

• A faculty featuring diverse perspectives and backgrounds


Benefits of Attending at a Premier Host Site:

• Networking opportunities with other influencers from your community

• Reduced cost and time spent on travel

• Learning with your team in a setting close to home


The Summit will be telecast LIVE at SouthBrook on August 8-9, 2019 (9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. EST) from Willow Creek Church.  For more information go to





Date: Thursday, August 8 at 09:30 AM until Friday, August 9 at 05:30 PM

Title: Turkey Giveaway
Category: General

We want to give you an opportunity to tangibly help families who need a little extra support this Thanksgiving. 

On November 17, SouthBrook is teaming up with BOGG to give away 1,000 turkeys. We need your help in two ways:

First, we need to raise $15,000 to buy all of the turkeys. Go to this GoFundMe page 
to donate at any time. 100% of your donations go towards purchasing turkeys. 

Second, we need your time to help us deliver the turkeys to families. On Saturday, November 17, SouthBrook will become a turkey drive-through. You can come to SouthBrook between 10-11 am, pick up as many turkeys as you want to deliver, and take those turkeys directly to families.

Email BOGG to sign up to deliver turkeys.

Thank you for helping families feel supported and loved this holiday season!

Date: Saturday, November 17