Realization of What Was Most Important

Posted by Anthony Reams on January 18, 2017 at 05:50 PM

I had been a long time follower of Jesus Christ. Yet, something wasn't right. I wasn't fully accepting Him completely into my life. The relationship was there, but it was constantly hindered by how busy life was and how much focus I put into other things. I had been dating a girl for awhile who was completely Christ-first with her life; the way it should be for all of us. I didn't realize this. I didn't get it. Though I had accepted Him, I didn't know the true meaning of living through Christ. I was simply living with Him. Well, as you may imagine this was a cause for concern. Our relationship, though full of life and love, wasn't what God was intending. We both hadn't put focus to Him. Rather, we focused too much on our selfish desires. This caused us to often neglect relationships with our friends and family, simply to see each other. This was a long distance relationship. Being only able to see each other on the weekends hindered our true ability to create a solid foundation and balance of priorities.

Well, she had beaten me to it and ended it. On a night of which was filled with great food, laughter, and love. It wasn't right. Both of us, at different levels with Jesus, weren't living the life He has intended for us. At first I was awestruck. I thought I was doing everything I could. This simply wasn't the point. God was pulling us toward Him. The only way to show me this was through heartbreak. It has been hard, often feeling hopeless and almost frustrated. Why would she just end such a beautiful relationship? It was simple, to better follow Christ the way He has laid out for both of us. To build back the relationships with friends and family and focus on God. Showing such a true passion for Christ was incredibly impactful to me. I had never been a part of something so selfless. Yet it all made sense.

Now I am starting to rebuild my relationship and amend it to live through Christ, not just with Him. Sometimes God brings some of the worst heartbreaks to draw you closer to Him. To put Him first and live through Him is most important. I pray my passion for Christ bleeds through to those around me as she had shown me through breakup. What do I mean here? That my relationship with God blossoms exponentially to myself and those around me. That I follow Him forever and live every second of my life through Him. Though the pain still resonates, it is nothing to measured to the glory of God. —Anthony Reams