My Autobiography in 6 Words...

Posted by SouthBrookers on October 10, 2016 at 04:06 PM

If you had to summarize your life in six words how would you do it? The most challenging aspect of the six-word limitation is that it requires you to focus on what is most important. In our So Many Options message, Charlie encouraged our community to do just that. Here are some of the six-word autobiographies:

Ran away, got caught, now free. —Kurt Kleiner
Lost wander found home in Christchurch. —Melissa Jones
I wish I could do more. —Samuel Cherry
Wish I could start over again. —David
Tender heart, Set apart, Loves God. —Sharon
I've started many but found One. —Sondra Overholser
Not knowing Love; Learning to Love. —Carl Overholser
Serve faithfully in all, using wisdom. —John Gentry
They hurt me, God loves me, I have peace. —Sharon
God's grace. Patte's love. Great ride! —Mike Murray
Something Missing, Finding Grace, Truly Saved. —Mike Hammond
Chased the world, but found God. —Hayden Corr
Born Loved, Got Lost, Still Loved. —Julie Marsh
Time is finite. God is everlasting. —Allison Ledford
Great start, Satan's part, Jesus Saved! —Sandy Rose
Ancient history, forgotten, live goes on! —David Calondis
Live in the now, and kindness! —David Calondis
Sinful Forgiven Daughter of King Jesus. —Charlene Benton
Always trying, never seems good enough. —Sigi Denman
Was chained, Yeshua set me free! —Debbie Steely
Unknown, didn't know, but then Jesus... —Kory Buttrey
Blessed Adventurer, Transformative Loss, Brave Lover. —Leslie Moss
Living for world, saved by Christ! —Jackie
Tender Warrior, Prayed more Hakuna Matata. —Mark Martin
From riches to rags to contentment. —Mary Clark
Writing about it is much easier. —Austin McMahan
Abandoned early, Found hope, Thankful mother. —Katie Allietta
God's love changed how I love. —Jenny
40 years nursing services, Jesus Calling. —Susie Roth
His love....louder than the devil. —Allison Ledford
Imprisoned by imperfection, now perfectly imperfect. —Courtney Johnson
I tried to make a difference. —Pete Washburn
Was lost, got cancer, now found. —Donald Agresta
Was lost. Now found. At SouthBrook. —Cindy Crosby
Only God knows my whole story. —Kim Hughes
Rebel Called, Grace Resisted, Surrendered Preach. —JR Moffatt
Anchored down under with broken chains. —Kandace Stamper
Was lost but now I'm found. —Tatum McGhee
I often sing whilst chopping wood. —Dale Jennings
Failed Often, Redeemed Always, Loved Forever. —Kim Adamson
The best is yet to come. —Andy Lehman
Hell Bound, Turned around, Heaven bound. —Glen Staffieri
My plans obviously didn't impress Him. —Mariesa Bloom
Difficult Father. Lost Father. Found Father. —Janell Noble
When Things Get Back to Normal. —Scott MacDonald
Mostly I was totally winging it. —Sharon Johnston
I'm Weak, God's Strong, Never Wrong. —John Sherer
I will figure it out somehow. —Heather Johnson
Woman sent by God for others. —Kat Wright
He saved a wretch like me. Jen Westerfield
Self died. Born new. Still growing. —Connie Jennings
My highest purpose, to love LOUD. —Greg Fay
Love God, Fail often, Still forgiven! —Jim Rike
Oldest child, Always wild, God smiled —Dave Scharff
Born sinful, Found Jesus, Living loved. —Diane Scharff
Lost Sinner, Merciful Savior, Changed Forever. —Carrie Fletcher
Born into mental illness, survived, winning! —Sharon Kennedy
Won lost gave...all born again. —Steve Klick
God keeps giving Tonya his treasures! —Tonya Sampier
From the darkness comes the light! —Ray Watts
Wounded wanderer receives healing purposeful Grace. —Amie Penn
"No you can't touch my beard!" —Todd Moss
Born scared - lived lost - found HOPE! —Emilie
Life Meaning, Have hope, Never Stop. —Cliff Bryant
Fun free, life hit, made stronger. —Emily Miller
Lost my brain, God saved me. —Lorin Dineen
Raised Catholic, found Jesus, born again! —Doreen Staffieri
If you could see my heart. —Christy Eby
Dead to self, Alive in Christ! —Evan Staffieri
Raised right, Did wrong, Still useable. —Tracy Philen
Girl interrupted saved by God's grace. —Sarah Moebius
God's will be done. Was it? —Edward John Nemeth Jr.
Because everything else I tried failed. —Brian Lawwill

Rubber bands don't work unless stretched. —John Sherer
Your faith doesn't work unless stretched. —John Sherer
...A great illustration is this. Put 3 pencils in a rubber band and they will just fall on your desk...but stretch the rubber band by wrapping it around those pencils , and it works. I have learned over the years that by stretching my faith , it will work better.